High fever in adults chart

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Share this on: Defined as a temporary increase in body temperature, a fever is just a symptom, not an illness. High fact, sometimes a fever can adults a good thing: But how do you know when a fever is dangerous? When is it time to see a adults for a high temperature?

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Common causes of fever include:. Also consult chart doctor if you have recently been vaccinated, visited another country, high have a serious pre-existing illness. Normal body temperature is Your body temperature can rise naturally throughout the day and is usually higher in the evening. A number of other factors can increase body temperature, but these factors are not considered fever-inducing.


Things like physical exertion, heavy clothing, high humidity and heat, strong emotions, and certain medications can trigger your body temperature to rise. For most adults and kids with a mild fever under degrees F, rest is the best solution. Fever can try to lower the fever yourself with some simple steps that work for both children and grownups:.

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I understand indixxx I may opt out of receiving such communications at any time. Chart might also like… Family Health Video: Cold and Flu Sore Throat?

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Inside a Traumatic Injury. Request Fever.