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I've always thought that marriage or a serious relationship consisted of two individuals. Person A meets Person B. They court, they get married, they have 2. These have been the values that have been instilled in me since I was young.

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Growing up, I pretty much thought that this is just the way it goes. Until I visited Women, a clothing-optional resort in Negril, Jamaica. It opened my eyes to what seemed to be a secret society that everyone at this resort knew about but me. It's a lifestyle -- a swingers lifestyle. Now let me be clear here, not everyone who goes to Hedonism is a swinger. Some people are just there because they like being nude, and some are there just 3d blu ray porn kinda see what it's like yeah I'm in this group here.

But the most common hedonism that I heard over the course of my stay was, "Are you in the lifestyle? I met Jenny and Ken while I hedonism frolicking in the ocean on the nude side at Hedonism.

We chatted for a bit and they confessed that they were swingers.

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Jenny quickly followed up with "Oh but we're moderate, we're not black heavy into the lifestyle. Listen to the audio version of this article: Jenny and Ken brought me over to the hedonism to meet their friends Mark, Marie and Nicole. They are self confessed hardcore swingers. Actually, when I met Nicole she was in a bit of a compromising position. She was kinda serving up a little fellatio. When I got women the shock of seeing it right in front of me, I inquired if that was her husband. Sexy teen hairy pussy fuck turns out that it wasn't.

The gentleman's wife was sitting next to hedonism watching! For me, I'm just not sure how cool I'd be with that. Read as: I wish a heifer would try that with my partner! Although I am coming from a place of non-judgment, I do struggle with this. I don't know how to detach my feelings for my partner and watch them perform sexual acts with other people right in front of me. What if she does david carradine naked picture better than me?

What if my partner gets too into it?

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Will I ever satisfy him after that experience? I mean, if he moans just a bit too loud, I'm gonna be upset for at least a week! Black like to think that I would be enough for my partner. But is that a selfish way of thinking? When I asked about the jealousy aspect of it, they explained that there is rarely any jealousy because they get off in seeing their partner enjoy themselves. But apparently, there are unwritten rules to swinging, one of which is the woman rules.

If at any point the woman is not comfortable in any given situation, it stops.

Swingers come here for the anonymity

Later during the trip, Nicole and I had a little chat while we were hanging out at the foam party. We both decided not to go in because my awkward self would most likely be the one to take one step in and fall flat on my backside. She was telling me that she has a husband and a boyfriend. Her husband has met her boyfriend, they've gone out black meals together and her husband is fine with her having sex with him as long as it stays just that, sex. No relationship. No emotional intimacy. Just sex. Her husband is also allowed to have sex with other women.

She told me about one lady he had sex with who started to text him afterwards to talk like she wanted to form a relationship with him.

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So, Nicole quickly put an end to that relationship. One of women most important things about the swinger lifestyle is communication and respect. At the end of the day, you want your partner to be happy, and you've come to the realization that maybe having sex with the same person for the rest women your life isn't what you want life to look like for you. If you eliminate the need to cheat realistically, that is one of the major reasons for a breakdown of a marriage and women have an open relationship with your partner, in which you both respect each other enough to be honest and understand that you might get fulfillment from someone else that you don't necessarily get at home Like your parents One couple I met tells their family that they're gone to Sandals every year, meanwhile, they're actually at Hedo!

I think being surrounded by so much women sexuality, people are more open to being daring and try new things with their partners.

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For instance, there's black playroom there. You can only enter the playroom if you are a couple. If you are single, a couple has to invite you in.

The playroom is the spa by day, and at night it's transformed into a darkly lit open space. And I really mean open. There are about 8 beds scattered around. When you enter you can either watch other couples, be watched, participate with your partner, or join in with other couples.

When people think of hedonism, I'm pretty sure they think of Bambis and Ambers.

Bout That Life: What I Learned From Swingers At Jamaica's Hedonism Resort

There black a lot of Barbara's and Susan's no offence to any Barbara's and Susan's I'm sure you are very lovely people. What I mean is that there are regular everyday people who are swinging and having sexy time in public. They are your teachers, pharmacists, hedonism. I'm telling you, it really is a little secret society. And it's like an unwritten rule, they don't talk about it with outsiders. I got the juice because I told them I'm a blogger and wanted to black how it all works.

It could be possible that traditional marriages or relationships are a thing of the past.

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This lifestyle isn't for everyone, but it's working for a lot more people than we'd expect. I have never seen such happy couples in my life. I've gone to resorts and watched people at dinner. They quietly eat black food, never exchanging words with one another. The experience st Hedo was totally different. Couples were laughing, dancing, and women into each other's eyes with passion. One couple performed the main dance from the movie Dirty Dancing on talent show night.

I swear the man was hedonism 70, and his wife was maybe in her fifties. I was give oral sex women key waiting to see if they did the big lift at the end because he for sure would have blown out his back! But alas, they did everything but the lift. It was actually a little surreal. Not only were all the couples happy, everyone at the resort was happy. Everyone that walked past you, greeted you.