He put his hand inside her underskirt

Sign up or log in to share. There's my flirty flip- up-the-skirt move from behind. Then you have the friendly park-bench move, just a little underneath the skirt.

The all-the-way-under-the-panties-while-kissing maneuver. The catch-her-by-surprise thigh fondle, or small cut cocks panty-pinching her. Once with my ex put were in the movies and there weren't many people at all in the movie.

I still remember it was Prometheus showing and he placed his hand on my leg his the more the movie progressed the more he'd move his hand up I was very excited but I didn't wear a skirt, it was jeans but he managed to work with that.

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I wouldn't however do this type of stuff in front of other people or in very public places cause it's not very public accepted behavior. This was probably the "riskiest" thing I've done in public but I won't do it in a different or more public way. Perhaps in the movies again yes in the dark when no one is sitting close again.

The "hand up skirt" thing is reserved for girlfriends and wives. If underskirt "friend" tried to put his hand up my skirt, he would likely be severely injured, and would for sure no longer be my friend.

Yes, girls like making out just like guys her, but we don't like it when a guy that is NOT someone we have already established a romantic relationship with starts trying to feel us up.

Not cool in any way. In private places, when I am in a relationship, I definitely do it and enjoy it. I his reach under her skirt on the way home or something, but I would not be doing that in public. I can't think of a time I would ever have considered it to just a friend or crush. If we were dating, but not totally in a relationship, I might do it if she was initiating other intimate contact.

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If it is a guy I am interested in having sex with I don't mind and the surprise he is going to find is that I am not wearing panties so his fingers are going straight to the prize! I tried to agree with the female at the bottom Also a slap on the face? Maybe I am weird It is exciting. The whole point is for something the girl likes. Friends, crushes its for her. Whether panties are found- or not- the reason is for her. I don't know if it is socially acceptable, but if I am with a girl I like, and I feel the feeling may be mutual, I would go for it.

I would definitely with someone I was dating. While I don't think its publicly accepted Yes I have with a crush from high school. Yes, once in 8th grade.

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I had a crush on her and after class the hallway was crowded and she was wearing a grey skirt. I was particulary turned on that day and put my hand up her skirt and touched her butt. I still can remember that silky soft feeling. She yelled "hey" loudly enough but I got out before see saw me. If it's a guy I'm attracted to, the sounds comin' from hand mouth won't be complaints.

I hand want to but not date do it.

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It's called attempted sexual assault. Yeah it's totally exciting and hot when my guy does it in a somewhat private area ie: Oh and also its not accepted public behavior.

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Depends what I'm going inside. If things are gaining momentum, then yeah for sure - also it's completely fine in a relationship Avoid being seen by public eyes obviously. A public accepted behavior it is not. Yeah, if it's my guy I want his hand under my skirt for sure. Put love skirts and miniskirts, and I usually wear them becouse I feel nice and sexy.

But I'm a quite aggressive kind of girl inside if a guy puts his hand up my skirt or lifts it up without my permission I'll shout and I'll squeeze his balls. Sexual Health. Guys would you put your hand under a girl skirt?

If you are just friend, or just crushes. When you put your hand there do snake all the way to her panties? Girls would you allow underskirt to have their hands under your skirt? When its there do you feel excited?

I kinda find that having a hand under the skirt is so so kinky. But I would like to know if this is more of a public accepted behavior or only reserved for the special one.

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