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First, you whip off your work pants and quickly pull on the sweatpants. Then you attempt to put on your sports room while still wearing your sweater or blouse, all while hiding behind the gym locker door. This was very common.

Clark did extensive interviews with a handful of women about getting naked in public places like gym locker rooms and found that many felt extremely uncomfortable stripping down in front of strangers.

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I think the changing room can be one more layer that can be intimidating. Morgan Adams Blake, a year-old communications professional from Richmond, Virginia, says she'll often change her clothes in girl bathroom stall so people won't see her naked.

It's just how I'm wired. I'm very self-conscious room changing in a locker mom son fuck in car. Clark says this kind of self-consciousness is not unusual.

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In fact, she herself suffers from it. I wondered, 'Do I have crazy body issues or is there something else going on? What's going on, she found, is complex -- and probably requires more study. Women come into the locker room, but so do all the social ideals as to what a healthy, fit, feminine body is.

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Those expectations come in, too. As we're undressing, there's a little bit of self-comparison going on in the background because of the ideals and expectations.

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Clark doesn't feel that self-consciousness about getting naked could be a direct impediment to working out, though. If you're changing beside another woman, it's very different from sitting next to a woman on an gym or in a movie theatre.

Lil kim but naked go about our daily lives and don't think about our bodies too much, then we get to a changing room and we all of a sudden have to undress in a public place.

What's more, gym have to see girl undress -- which can be equally uncomfortable, especially if we happen to know them. It's awkward. Clark's paper only looked at women's discomfort with changing in the locker room, but women aren't the only ones who can feel awkward at the gym. Jonathan Shipley, a year-old Seattle writer, says he never goes to the gym because it makes him too self-conscious. I had to do that in middle school as a pre-teen with a leering tennis coach and will never do it nude. If I were to go to a gym, I'd just get back in the car and drive home a little stinky.

And Jim Cherry, a year-old content producer from Los Angeles, says he doesn't go to gyms anymore he does yoga for fitness now but that he did use locker rooms in high school, college and beyond. Like Cherry, there are many others who have no problem getting naked in public. Some, in fact, seem to revel in the body beautiful.

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Not what I prefer to nude, open-minded or no. Follow today. March 20, Marianne Clark calls it "the dance.