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Author Alissa Nutting's debut novel Tampa, while it's been pegged as harvard magazine porn student beach read by sex like Vultureis hard to actually read on the beach because it has graphic descriptions of a year-old woman having sex with a year-old boy. It's a frankly stated examination moka uncensored female predators and their depiction in the media from the point of view of Celeste Price, a beautiful pedophile who takes a teaching job in Florida in order to seduce a prepubescent student.

It's also extreme on almost all counts, including Celeste's insatiable sexual urges and, underneath it, her girls. I talked to Nutting who is so nice, incidentally! You got the idea for this book, sort of, when you saw the Debra Lafave case on the news — because you went to high school with her, right?

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On that note, what is it with Florida? I feel like there are a disproportionate number of cases like that down there. Do you think cases of male-teacher female-student vs. I think female predators tend to be sexually objectified and obtain a sort of celebrity status. People want to resist the fact that a book with a lot of sex in it has any worth beyond mere titillation or that it should be the topic of serious discussion.

One can make the argument that even E. I do feel like there are rigid boundaries for sexually explicit female characters and for females in society in generalsex when you cross them or go beyond those prescribed confines people are quick to devalue the book. There are very, very few sexually explicit books about female sexual predators, sex is part of the reason I felt the need to write Tampa.

I had no interest in writing that book; we see that tale every time one of these stories makes the news. Tampa had to be nutting by necessity. The main character, Celeste, is a sociopath in addition to being a sex addict and pedophile. Do you think she represents most women who have sex with their young male students? That is to say, do you think pedophilia and sociopathy go hand in hand? I felt that it was the only way to wholly escape the framework of the current way female sexual predators are largely viewed.

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So I had to write a book that did none of these things. Would you distinguish a difference between the pathology of your character and a Mary Kay Letourneu nutting has stayed with Vili Fuulau, the now-adult student she first molested at 12, to this day? Or not really.

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Yeah, that's fair. Why do girls think a lot of these women are above-average girls terms of conventional nutting which you drew on for Celeste as well?

Any theories? These are the cases that get the most national media attention; they play the best into the tendency of our culture to showcase female sexuality in the way society is most comfortable xxx dra I want to draw attention to the ways we view predatory female sexual behavior, and to the limitations of sexual discussion in our culture.

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