Girls go bathroom no clothes

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Tadeo Start date Oct 14, These are part of hot nude milf at the beach research for a trial, so I need to translate them the best I can. I did a search on the forum there is a lot of information by the way ;an there are many different opinions and rules about Possessive form, so cosidering most of them; I think the best option I both cases would be A, What do you think???

This is really important for me. Thank you. This would be the correct use in this case B Although this would make sense, would it not? Correct use as well, I believe. I'm not quite sure when you would use this I am getting more and more aware that educated foreign speakers of my own native language English are more familiare with the technicalities of it.

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Hope this helps. Thank you mhp and paquijote!!! Now I can go to bed!!! It's 2: I read many posts about possessions and the genitive, and girls me mhp, your last comments would clear out many questions there!!! Thanks again to both of you!!! I'm a student with bathroom poor knowledge of English but I girls to disagree with the previous replies of course, I'm just giving my opinion and I'll be happy to be corrected. The explanation about the "girls not owning clothes bathroom" is not valid for me as the genitive mark can be used not only to express posession but also as a classifier or other cases.

We can read in grammar books that there three main ways to use a noun as bathroom modifier: For example, in British English it is or can be said "children's clothes" to refer to clothes for children. But they say "baby clothes" to refer to clothes for babies.

According to this, "girls' bathroom" following the example of children's clothes or "girl bathroom" like in baby bathroom have a chance to be used although "girl bathroom" is completely out of discussion.

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I can't think now of a real example similar to "girls bathroom" but I assume it is a possibility. I think women's bathroom is the correct one, I think I heard it sometimes and We can't write womens at all since women is already a plural. So, what do you think? Is it women's bathroom or women bathroom? Google seems to agree with my perception but I don't trust it very much. That shows some logic as adjectives are not inflected for number in English.

Can anybody check other references Quirk, Huddleston, Biber To my mind, all those examples where the noun-adjective I don't know how to call it shows the plural form should take a genitive mark '.

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Pannadol Senior Member Sydney Australia. I agree that girls B Girls' bathroom is correct. Alternatively you can say the 'female bathroom'. Native English speakers get this wrong clothes the time, as I often did before I really researched it.

You should always use 's except after a plural ending in 's', in which case it's the apostrophe alone. The question of possession or association don't enter into it - they are the same. The girl's bathroom singular girl, probably possession The girls' bathroom plural girls, either possession or association The woman's bathroom singular woman The filthiest porn vids on the net bathroom plural women Jesus's wounds The Jones' new car i.

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Jones Clothes, you'll see this done wrong all the time, most commonly in my experience when people think clothes just because the word ends in s, you use the apostrophe alone - as in the incorrect "Jesus' wounds". Sorry, I typed it wrong. See how common it is! The Jones's new car. Now, you'll bathroom this done wrong all the time, most commonly in my experience when people think that just because the word ends in s, you use the apostrophe alone - as in the incorrect girls wounds".

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Well, I've seen it used that way lots of times, that's for sure - I expect that it's been used wrong so many times, people are starting to accept the wrong spelling. As for the posessive "its" speaking of mistakes people make all the timeit's not really an exception. Girls think of clothes as being the possessive bathroom a noun, but rather of a pronoun, since that is what "it" is.

In that case, "its" is almost exactly the same as "his", and "it's" is equivalent to "he's" or "she's". It doesn't transform nearly as much - so it's something worth pointing out.