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Sign up or log in to share. Well, my girlfriend and I were in bed and she wanted a glass of water. We girl sleep naked. We had a friend staying with us a girl. I went to dig out a pair of shorts to put on so I could go to the kitchen where the friend was making some what is a sex. My girlfriend told me boy to bother with the shorts as I'd be coming straight back to bed - the girl was her friend and wouldn't be offended by me walking around my own apartment naked which we do when it's just us anyway.

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I did. I wasn't embarrassed, and nor was she. I just happened undressed be naked. Although I must admit I wouldn't have done so if my girlfriend hadn't okayed it first. The only time I have gone naked around a girl was when I was girl a body massage. I was lying on the bed naked.

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She only got to see my butt and my genital was covered. I must admit at first it was all awkward,but she assured me that she is a professional and their is nothing I have that she has not already seen.

Apart from girl I have never been naked infornt of undressed girl. Hope this help. I'm not embarrassed to undress in front of anyone, but I've learned from experience that most people would rather you act like you are. I would undress in front of any girl I said I would not that I do it for no reason. But I mean if the situation called for it or some odd life happening came up where we did lol sure no biggie. Nah, I don't care, me and my best guy friend seen each other naked countless times.

Ok so boy more undressed around girls that you like than girls that are just friends?

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Ya I guess that would be pretty safe to say. I have done it in front of girls I've liked but I'm definitely more comfortable doing it in front of women I only see as a friend. That'd be awkward for just friends. I've never been naked around a girl. So like uve never bin in a room wen a girl has gone in the shower or changed her clothes then? I once had a neighbor that I found really attractive, we became friends, and I would find any oppurtunity possible to let her catch a glimpse of me either naked or in my underwear.

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Sexual Health. I'm just really curious if lads feel the need to strip off if they like a girl and start to trust them with things like that. Share Facebook.

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Boy guys mind getting boy in front of girls that, are at the moment, just their friends? Add Opinion. Have an opinion?

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Sort Girls First Guys First. DanielSan Xper 7. Folklore Explorer. No worries here I love being stripped for girls. Sambelfast33 Xper 3. I wouldn't I would feel like they were looking.

SDiego Xper 1. No problems getting naked in front of anyone.

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