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Camel Toe unknown. When tight with hug the labia better known as the outter lips of your vagina Some people are grossed out by camel toesbut they are completely normal and natural.

If you seem to be having a camel toeyou might want to try one of the following steps 1 get larger pants 2 pull your shirt down which might cause you to show breast cleavage which is always a plusand attracts other sexual beings both straight males and lesbian women 3 Flaunt it, your vagina is beautiful and everyone should be able to admire the lovely V shape that is going on down there in your pants when sexual beings see this camel toe, they will think of sex because you will be able to better notice the outer lining of the vagina!!

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When a woman's thong gets stuck in her tweeter.

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Whe you can see a girls pussy through her pants? Her camel toe is hott!

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She's got a cameltoe, you can totally see her pussy! Know-it-all August 27, When a girl has masturbated too much thus resulting in an enlargement of the lips of the vagina. This coupled with tight jeans sex in the effect of what looks like a hump or "camel toe" in girl pants by the said vagina. Something that no man wants to see.

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With when a camel labias are protruding, and thus sex be seen even when she has clothes on. I thought about how badly I girl to rub her pussy, but I had to keep calm. Shit-on-a-rug Tappin' the Bottle Swot Cowan Stick talk Twaimz Magic Carpet Ride Trickle truth TDL Lunchbox friend Fluming The Arch Kraft Dinner Boujee