Ginza sex

The lady will give you services with malay girl hot video tumblr and oral service, without clothes, and you can kiss and touch too.

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We will contact you when the lady arrives so please pick her up at the lobby or entrance of the hotel. Where can I take a reservation? We do not correspond to a call in English. How long will it take for a lady to arrive?

Ginza hotty Spa--Japanese oil massage (MILFS) /

Mostly between 30 to 60 minutes after the reservation. How much is the service? Do I need to pay extra chips to the lady? Can I use foreign currency for the payment?

Only Japanese Yen is allowed.

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Can I use credit card for the payment? Foreign card cannot be used. Please sex here for more specific sex. Having sex is banned by the law of Japan so it is prohibited in all the shops.

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What exactly the services are? Can the lady speak English? A little. Also there is a translation software that can be use.

Flow of use our service

What should I send to take a reservation? Please send the following details: The time you want Name of your hotel Room number Your name The time of the service e.

How much is ginza to a different lady or cancelling the reservation after meeting the lady? Can I call in Yokohama? Sorry our shop only service in Tokyo. Can I ask for services even I am from the travel agency? Yes, ginza are sure you will enjoy it.