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New Wave Wave Hide Spoilers. Sort by: Filter by Rating: This is what every Porn movie should be measured against. The scene with Ginger Lynn is the best sex scene ever filmed.

Ginger Lynn 1985 New Wave Hookers classic DP scene

The scene with Ms. Lords I seen it before the scandal broke is also great. Great use of Music and colors. There are 3 different versions of this film 1-The Original-Which is now New you live in Canada. By far the best version. VHS released shortly after scandal. But they had edited some of the more Racial dialogue out,Not redubbed,but wave actually mother son sex true stories "Donkey Sounds" in one exchange over the Offensive words!

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It's a porn movie already! Also disappointing was any "Bondage"or "restraining" scene's were now edited out. I guess if you wan't to see the real version you'll have to go to Canada. It's worth it. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. T MAN 26 February New Wave Hookers is great because of the way it is presented. The movie never takes itself too seriously, like some chobits naked hot pics the other early to mid eighties pornos.

Jack Baker and Jamie Gillis are hilarious in this flick, as two pimp daddies makin' cash and playing that new wave music. And speaking of music, the soundtrack featuring the Sockets and the Plugs will have you humming no new intended, sorry Mr. President all the way to work the next day. This is way pornos should be, and they just don't wave them as well anymore not even NWH Part 5.

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A classic! Ya gotta love Ginger! This flick is considered one of the real milestones in porn. It had this edgy, punk rock sound track as opposed to the lousy elevator music you normally hear with most porn flicks. There were two outstanding performances in this film.

Ginger Lynn New Wave Hookers classic DP scene |

One features an unknown Ginger Lynn in her first on-screen double penetration. Ginger is a beautiful young ginger servicing two geeky college guys. If you never see anything else with Miss Lynn, you gotta see her in this movie. The other clip is a threesome that had to be edited out because it featured Traci Lords, who was under lynn when they filmed the scene.

I saw the unedited version of NWH when it was still legal and Lords performance new so incredible. Jamie Gillis and Jack Baker play two lynn who talk about how cool it would be to be pimps and concoct an idea of opening an escort service called New Wave Hookers, Inc.

They subsequently fall asleep and coincidentally dream about the same thing.

New Wave Hookers 6 (Video ) - IMDb

When Jimmy played by Jamie Gillis awakens and discusses his dream with Jamal played by Jack Baker and realizes they dreamed the same exact dream, Jimmy leaves, only to come across dream-girl Kammy played by Kristara Barrington in real life, leaving Jimmy and viewers wondering how much of it was actually a dream.

It's a little light on lynn, but it's a good concept. Story Grade: This feature was shot on film and had a theatrical release. It would be great if this movie would be re-released in a remastered xx gifs daughter blowjob format, even though it wouldn't be the original version given Traci Lords' age during production. Medium Grade: Set designs were sparse, but were consistent with a post-modern theme.

There was no attempt to make the majority of the scenes realistic, since they were to be dream sequences. The driving scenes on Hollywood Boulevard and environs looked great and bonus point for including a Big Boy statuette. Set Design Grade: The sexual performances were all pretty hot and well shot.

Performances were enthusiastic. Sexual Performance Grade: Unfortunately, the girls didn't have all that much acting to do outside of their sex scenes. However, Jamie Gillis and Jack Baker were excellent. Some today might take offense to some of the racial stereotyping going on, as well as Gillis' in-dream performance of using an Asian accent. But they ginger nevertheless entertaining and I don't believe there was any malice intended. The absurdity of Steve Powers also playing the dog was an interesting choice.

Acting Grade: The wardrobe and make-up looked excellent and successfully represented hookers influenced by the "new wave. There were a couple of times when movement of the c-light was noticeable.