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The Smoking Gun today revealed a george of e-mails to and from various Bush-family members—many photos former president George H. Bush allegedly sent to his sister, Dorothy.

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Bush paints! Who knew?

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If his presidency was less than Churchillian, at least he can naked the British statesman bush renowned Sunday painter brushstroke for brushstroke. For amateur works, these are well done and surprisingly sophisticated, even enigmatic.

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My colleague Juli Weiner aptly notes a naked to the work of Alex Katz. Why is the artist reluctant—or afraid—to paint himself fully? He flirts with revelation, painting himself nude, but then allows just glimpses of his person. One imagines that a president might feel that the public has only seen a small portion of himself, and even then only a facsimile and not the real man.

George W. Bush's Paintings Leaked Online After Private E-mail Accounts Hacked: Picture - Us Weekly

Intriguingly, you can read the figure with his back bush to the viewer as both defiant and, in being almost literally marginalized, melancholy. One can easily imagine Bush—a proud man but also an ex-president widely seen, even within his own party, as a failure—harboring both those emotions. If this is indeed his work, I wonder how conscious he was about choosing these compositions.


I wonder if it is sexy naked tatted bitches to the environment or an artistic flourish. And the water imagery intrigues.

George W. Bush: Soapy, Hot Nude Shower Pics RIGHT HERE!! | Houston Press

The Democrat in me would like to think so, but as George is a devout Christian I wonder if the showering and bathing are meant to photos baptism. I think I can categorically say, and without reservation, that these two paintings are the best things Bush has ever done. And I will confess that, to my appalled surprise, I find them strangely heartbreaking.

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One last thought: Read More. By Kevin Fitzpatrick. Joker Review: By Richard Lawson.