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A New York police officer who made "gay porn" movies with his officers has been suspended as investigators look into their financial transactions. Schenectady Sgt. Aubin's extensive criminal record has sparked a larger probe of sex parties, or "breeding sex involving gay officers and underage teens, according to the newspaper. An officer with the nearby Albany police force may having be involved, the Times Union reported.

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When reached by the Daily News on Wednesday, an official with the Albany Police Department said the investigation is ongoing. The Schenectady Police Department said in an email to the Daily News that "we became aware of an investigation being conducted by the Colonie Police Department that involved fraudulent activity being conducted at a car dealership" in Colonie.

Gay was suspended with pay "pending a decision by the Colonie Police Department having whether to charge him in that case. Schenectady police also said in the statement that there was no mention of "breeding parties" or "underage gay during officers interview with Aubin.

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Aubin said after his recent arrest that he has known Moore for 10 years, according to the Times Union. Aubin offered police help get Moore "out of debt" by making "gay porn" movies for a company in Florida, according to the newspaper.

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Moore said he had no idea Aubin was passing counterfeit checks. As far as I knew, the transactions police the vehicles were legitimate.

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