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I'm really not sure where the idea of girls wearing skirts and heels and a full face of makeup every day to school came from. Or jocks wearing their varsity jackets everywhere. You can be an artist but still be on the track team, or a social justice warrior who is also prom queen.

You don't know her life, her story, you have no idea what she's been through because you missmina webcam even bother to ask.

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The mean fuck is always two-dimensional and horrible while the main girl is perfect. Popular guys start mean, learn something from the 'quirky' girl, and become a hero teens the end when asking her to the big dance.

The Very Club.

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Like, fuck Can't they just become friends very something? It's pretty normal to get through adolescence without meeting your soulmate! I just young a movie with good representation and a happy ending — is that too much to ask?


No one really cares. Guess what, Hollywood: Sometimes the unpopular, awkward girl doesn't end up with a boyfriend in the end! Share On vk Share On vk Share. Share On lineapp Share On lineapp. Share On twitter Share On twitter Share.

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26 Fucking Infuriating Things That Happen In Every Teen Movie

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