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Our Frozen Dinners and Kibble products can only be found at breed local neighborhood pet store. No artificial preservatives or colorings No ingredients from China No grains, gluten or potato ingredients No corn, wheat or soy No poultry-by-products. Fresh water should be available at all times. Optimal feeding amounts may vary with age, size, breed, and activity level.

Our Baked Kibble Difference

Please refer to the feeding chart below as an initial recommendation and adjust food amount as needed to reach desired weight goal. We proudly stand by our product. If you are not fully satisfied we'll refund your recent purchase. New Users: Sudden changes in diet, including overfeeding, can sometimes result in digestive issues. By clicking "Fetch" I agree to receive news and offers from Stella and Japanese lesbian mom porn. Coupon only valid in the US.

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Only The Good Stuff! Raw Analysis: Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein min Feeding Guidelines Fresh water should free available at all times. Looking To Try Something Else? Our Product Guarantee We proudly stand by our product.

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