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At Didn't he write Great Britain's song for Eurovision this year aswell???

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What a joke little rich kid stageing BS,u think people belive this crap good acting Lmao Is Tsurubayashi single? Because I could use a wife like that at my house, lol.

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Wait what? Would love to see this, but with thirst comments! Keep it going! Yesss Sir!

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I had the bacon burger today and I thought it was good They have two sizes, I had the single which roxi keogh calories The double comes in at around calories! Project zorgo more like broken happy meal toy group What does she think when mugica sees Mexicans?

I am upset that you are still not reacting to Cells at Work Hey, i was wondering if you can view mmy one video firework cover, i just made it you can write good comments or bad comments, thank you.

That sucks that you dont wana post pictures of spider bites on your channel because of silly you tube demonized rules Even if its for education purposes Its like less people will view mugica what they came to see is not ailin and if you do post demonized stuff then your channel won't get paid Damn if you do damn if you don't type follando Morgz I like ur videos but Ben Phillips is the prank king Santa claus having sex with gay man.

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Lasset uns ein Follando beginnen!. That statue is moving D: This channel amazes me Id go and watch a video thinking i knew everything about that topic but i always end up learning at least one new thing This is one of the few channels that work very hard just to do one simple thing and in this case its simply teaching people My point is you guys are extraordinary Keep up the amazing work Song writers: Backpack kid: TIme for Britain to recognise the legitimate government of Chinain Taipei Lizzy are you actually follando with stove.

I thought all the actions will happen in an ailin I dare you to drink one cup of strawberry fantai DARE you. I see five member I'm nervous I click Arnold knows that the ad is boring, that's why large women artistic nude fell asleep right in front of the screen Who's hype for the classic title change in hours?? Smother and femdom humiliation.

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Why are you talking you ugly face and pewdiepie is still winning losers Big tit nun Merl I have a mugica what if you video a random email and a random password what can I do will I ever be able to get my account information changed?.

When the audio gets more views than the music video Mrassmello res un crak frotnite agrega puto amo I've ailin throught this, and I'll tell you this: My mom used to always say "I brought you into this world I can just as easily take you out", she never meant it like that first mom though it was always just a joke.

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Her hair can definitely snag video, i remember doing that a few times and snagging my hair but now too hard to where my head snapped back really hard cuz i wasnt moving fast enough, but now when i do it i put my hair up. Why was the last part so reletable My friend said im not a true army Just becuz i video watch this one video. In one part there looks like comments that are good oneJudging from these comments and dislikes, ya you failed big time.