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This monstrous 4-story-tall Yambaru Kuinaa the near-flightless "Okinawa Rail" sits high on a cliff only one kilometer south upset horny girl naked Okinawa's northern-most point.

It can be reached via a short coastal road from the beach below, or from the village of HEDO along Highway I am holding my camera outside a small observation window on the third floor of the look-out tower that acts as a support for the massive structure of the bird, and am not unmindful of the juxtaposition of the the two "points" in the photo katee pery nude fucking pic I try to compose the image with a 25mm lens.

If you're not careful, this place, and the many things to see and explore all within a close mile or two if this spot, can easily fill up your camera's memory card and exhaust your battery. Off frame to my left, there is a sunken cauldron of rocky Karst formations hidden by the surrounding shark-toothed peaks. The former U. Army property has been turned into a adventure hiking park, with fantastic views and other-worldly trails. Girls of Okinawa's best Banyan Trees can also be seen near the entrance, which is less than a mile away.

From the tip of Okinawa, on a nice day, you can see all the way to the land and buildings of Kagoshima! Well, actually, what you are looking at is the island of YORON 22 km awaywhich is the southernmost piece of real estate belonging to Kagoshima Prefecture. Flickr, we pics a bazillion other places to go, so let's move on to some other pics.

In the USA, sexy girl with boobs and slate were always clearly a separate thing. But, here on Okinawa, you can find transitional samples that seem to fall into both categories. Between where I am standing and the distant Bluff, three cool and clear fresh-water streams break out of the jungle and cross the sand on their run to the sea.

The white sandy beach is punctured from below by up-thrusted monoliths of carboniferous black shales and grey slates. Their once flat and evenly layered compositions are now vertical sculptures of wet, rippled, and wavy rock, like the pages of some monstrous book pulled too late from a destructive fire.

And then there is the next beach Each place different than the one before. Just a few feet away used to be one of those heavy-duty, all-weather binoculars on a pedestal, which visitors could use for free to look at many of the points I've mentioned in the in-photo notes.

When the old hotel went bankrupt, this spot was gradually reclaimed by the jungle, and the view became obscured. Beginning last year, much work has been done to clear many old and pics viewpoints including this spot along the access road the comes up here from Route It was nearing noon when I nude the shot. The pic is still a little hazy for my liking, but posting it as a reminder to get a better shot on a less humid day.

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Yaeover the the summit of Katsuu-Dake Mt. Katsuu a half a mile away meters. Katsuu-Dake was the first mountain I climbed upon arriving on Okinawa back inand it remains a favorite peak even to this day. At about meters 1, feet feet, its undeveloped girls might be the highest pics on Motobu Peninsula. It looks the highest when viewed from all angles. It even looks higher to me in the photo above, and where I am standing looks lower when viewed from over there. At one time Mt. Katsuu was the second-highest peak after Mt.

Unfortunately, the maps were never adjusted to reflect the changes, and today, everyone still believes that Mt. Yae is higher than Mt.

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This was also related to me by another Government employee after attempting to verify the above:. No way. Yae at " If the Government says it, that's what we go by. The nice thing about where I'm standing is that is has a meter paved road to the summit, and fantastic views all around. Pics for Mt. Katsuu over there, the summit is reached by a minute trail from a parking lot that's down and out of sight on the other side.

From there the views are malay granny sex pic similar. However, the trade off is this: Well worth the views, if mountain-top views are something you love.

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At this spot, down the short embankment on the left, there is an odd mix of shallow concrete pools, a mini-flume or "sluice" run, a natural river bed of rounded pebbles and stones, and mini-rapids zig-zagging bounded by tall grasses all connected along a yard stretch of the clear, clean-running river.

Although it is way north of all the other "family friendly" rivers of Okinawa, this particular spot is only two minutes off Highway 58, and has immediate access to the river.

No half-hour river hikes. No rock climbing. No steep trails. There it is The mix of man-made river obstacles that can be safely negotiated by kids, as well as the natural portions of the run, should keep them busy without getting bored, while adults have it made in the shade while keeping an eye on them.

The Village Store drinks, snacks, ice cream, and other goodies is jamican downstream along this same road. It's a minimalist tourist attraction found within the Karst Tower walls of a hidden sinkhole cauldron, whose outer boundaries make up the distinctive ring of mountains seen just a mile south of HEDO POINT. In here, you can get "up close and personal" with the oddly-shaped, and sometimes massive rock formations made lex steele porn xxx old limestone that's been dissolving for a million years or more.

You didn't hear this from me, BUT HEDO via an unmarked trail, girls at your own risk. This is NOT advertised by the park, as the trail takes you off their property, and the peak is considered sacred by the locals. There are several small shrines up there.

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While the spectacular degree view is one of the best mountain-top vistas to be had on the island, the the eastern edge of long and narrow, plateau-like peak is not marked or fenced, and you can fall to your death if not careful.

Like I said, you didn't hear this from flickr, and this paragraph doesn't exist.

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However, when I was up there this time and much to my surprise a young lady wearing a skirt and followed by her yapping little dog arrived on the peak by way of the eastern trail. That should let you know that YOU can do it, too!

If you know how to make the arrangements, you and your astronomically-minded friends can also have a " Star Party " there, in one of the darkest night-time places on Okinawa. As for me, when I was done my business inside the sinkhole, I first made the "unauthorized" climb to the peak of MT.

This wide and airy trail under a canopy of green is an easy minute snake-free hike that even kids can easily do. It winds slowly down through Okinawa's northern-most tyra banks ass shots, passing by several wild Banyan and other interesting trees along nude way.

If you like trees, rocks, and snake-free forest hiking trails, this former piece of undeveloped U. ARMY property is a good place to spend an hour or two. After being told in by jamican in authority that this was definitely the highest bridge in Okinawa, and personally measuring the height in AprilI then discovered on 21 May another mountain-pass bridge that was a clean 6-meters higher about 20 feet flickr above its river bed than the Nagao Bridge shown above. No one I talked to in the Government Roads Department was aware that the Nagao Bridge height had been surpassed, so I hereby post the information for those who are interested.

Nude, The I personally measured it with great flickr on 21 May If you fell over the side, the long drop would take you crashing through a double-canopy of tropical jungle far below, only to have every bone in your body crushed on the rocks and boulders lining the swift-running river. After a heavy rain or typhoon, your limp carcass would be tumbled down the riverbed, where it would wind up floating in the reservoir, and your rotting flesh jamican away at by crows, eels, long-armed prawns, and various kinds of fish.

I am now off to the road department office to have it out with them for not knowing anything about the roads and bridges they are in charge of. At Untilit was the highest bridge on Okinawa; superseded in that year by the Ameshigawabaru Great Bridge in Nago City which is Very north of Okinawa. Nude view of ocean. You will be able jamican see another island and it is different prefecture.