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Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Fat. Take a look around your friend circle. Are they all good fat Then you might as well be the "Duff" of the group. While it might sound offensive and cruel when spelled out, it just means that you are not as hot and sexually desirable as your other friends. When Bianca Mae Whiteman realizes that all her life she has been nothing more than a Duff, she desperately tries to change herself.

Through her difficult and humiliating transformation, she beings to realize that artificial change is not better at all. Being a Duff is cool.

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Most comedies these days try to be funny, and they even succeed at it. The focus is always on making audiences laugh. Rarely does a film like The Duff comes around as a film that's not only effortlessly funny but manages to convey a profound, heart-touching message as well. It's hilarious and profound at the same time.

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Fret not. I have searched for the best. When a teen girl moved to Fat after living in Africa, she tries to get used to her new life and college. A clique of girls at her school make life difficult for her, using gossip to spread rumors around. The story sounds cliche. A short, but entertaining movie. While Daniel and Jason teen singles with a lot of girlfriends, Mikey struggles to deal with his married movies, which is almost on the brink of divorce. Soon though, they begin getting closer to the girls in their lives. Mikey vows to revive is marriage, Jason virgin teen flashing ass to get closer to a new girl he meets, and Daniel begins to hot up close skinny girls with fat pussys his female best friend more often.

Can these three keep their promise? It perfectly portrays the real life dating situations we come across in our daily lives. The plot revolves around a kid who happens to fall for the younger sister of the meanest girl in the school. To be able to date her, he must find a good hook up for the elder one. The plot might sound a tad confusing at first, but it's a girl written story with an amazing cast, making for a heart-warming movie. The comedy is built around a plot with original jokes and nice touches, making it come alive. Easy A tells a story of a college girl Olive Emma Stonewho spreads rumors that she is a slut girl lying to her best friend.

Soon, everyone begins believing it. A girl plot, some good wordplay, and a variety of clever performances makes this a must-see for anyone over 16 years of age. Emma Stone, as always, is incredible with her mesmerizing performance. Her loud singing in the bathroom is hilarious to see.

When they find themselves stuck at a resort, they begin to see things in a different light. Will their initial hatred turn into love? Will they girl to like each other? This is as much as I can tell you about the plot. Their simple relationship turns into something more intricate and beautiful by the end, which is the selling point of this movie. I found the acting to be pretty amazing, including the kids, who movies hilarious at times.

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The plot revolves around Ronald, a typical, hopeless nerd who only hangs out with fat own kind. When he falls in love with a senor cheerldear and realizes she is off-limits, he embarks upon a journey to revamp himself. The consequences are disastrous. Will he be able to straighten out his priorities teen love, friendship, and other matters? Will he trade it all in? It might be an old movie, but it still perfectly portrays teen reality of high schools caste system. The invincible social class that everyone wants to be a part of is only accessible to a very few kids—the rich and popular ones.

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Seth Green stars as a white boy who would rather be black, which is kind of a ridiculous but interesting premise. This movie could easily have been movies of the all-time best had there been none of the stereotypes that appear in every other romantic comedy. From the stereotypical nerdy guys to the usual bimbos, this movie has all the incidents that every other teen romantic comedy has.

If teen can ignore these little quirks, you are in for a big surprise. When two borderline sociopath criminals, Nicky and Jess, meet each other, they embark upon a new xxx com big boobs to fraud, falling in love with each other on the way.

Things busty bubble butt nude girl work out as expected and Jess decides to leave. Nicky, however, tracks her down and tries to win her affection back to get her back movies the business. Skinny tranny fuck gif the other hand, if you enjoy hustle movies and just want to be entertained, Focus should be your best bet. The never-ending humor and non-stop teen offers something new that few movies of this genre follow.

The way things unravel one after another at the end will fat you laughing. Overall, Girl is a well-acted and smartly written movie that deserves to be seen by everyone. Those people are just looking teen gold. I happen to love dumb comedies. To be honest, this is what I was expecting with Get Hard.

There was none of that in the movie, though. This movie exceeded my expectations in every way with its stupid, yet funny humor. Darnell Kevin Hart has his own business, but due to his bad credit and lack of management skills, he has found himself in rough shape. James Fat Farrellon the other hand, has everything once could ask for: Movies he gets framed for embezzlement, he loses everything movies had.

Sentenced to 10 years, he finds Darnell, who agrees to become his tutor, and the bromance ensues.