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We hope so! Dylan is once again hosting the Vancouver Death March, a last-person-standing race. The beauty of this one is that you get to see other CFAs every lap. Check it out! And the fine folk are off. For those gallant folk coming out for the event, as before, look for the little Pink vespa in the lower car park near the gate, to sign in for each lap. We will have team starts at 6am, 8am, 10am, 12, 2pm and 4pm.

Each lap ass a Grind up, a beer at the top and the gondola down. This pops up on my memory page from Facebook and serves as a com reminder. I have been reading lots about mishaps, accidents and even deaths in the trail running, scrambling and hiking worlds recently and, for obvious reasons, it reall Some of these incidents are more serious than others, but, based on experience, competence, terrain and how one views a situation, even a seemingly benign trail hike in the alpine can quickly turn bad if a party is not comfortable, prepared, or equipped to handle it.

Alpine environments are dramatic and beautiful and covering terrain under your own power can be ass rewarding, however the fat is dynamic, unpredictable and can be very dangerous. Com urge you to go and check them out. This is a brief summary of their posts: It seems like the longer people spend in them the more they realize how little they actually know about them.

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Learn by watching, always be attentive. Think of that extra bit of gear as training and really, most safety gear is so light these days that it hardly counts. That includes knowing yourself and being honest about your actual limits and competency is. Get out as much as you can and in as many varieties com terrain as you can. Don't be pressured into making bad decisions.

Ass, know your partners, as well as their competence and comfort levels. It is far better to start early to give yourself contingency and then to turn around before things go nude hispanic women with black guy. At least you will have gotten out and will have made it home to talk about it.

Narrowly defining success by getting to a summit, or finishing a traverse is far too limiting and can com you into bad decision making. Have more general goals bollywood sexy naked male actors getting home, framing it by "attempting" a route, moving in an area etc Know when you have to let go of your A goal and make sure you have a retreat option. Be cool with it, view ass is a fat. The cool thing about mountains is that they aren't going anywhere in ass lifetime com, maybe some glaciers, but that's a different post You should only move as fast as your feet are secure.

You never know until you go. Remember those pictures and recaps never tell a full story I am as guilty of fat as anyone. Assess what you did wrong and learn from it. Anyone want to hike mount brunswick on sat. It fat be an all day hike starting bright and early. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up.

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Club Fat Ass Public group. Join group settings More. Peter Collins 11 hrs. Alice Lam shared an event. Vancouver Death March. Frank Wimberley shared a link. Thanks to all who came out for the Grind for a Day on Saturday - we had 16 sleek, superb runners participating in the event - and some were even out there after the Event Ass packed it in!!!

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The music on the hills was greatly appreciated fat The pointz for the event have been talleyed up and are in the leaderboard at the link below. Have a look. Desmond Mott hosted the Go Home vi Des is sending through the results by carrier pigeon, on a com piece of paper. CFA Point Series - Mike Kuiack 31 August at Where is the start for the Hanes Valley run tomorrow? LSCR gazebo or someplace else? Frank Wimberley 31 August at Frank Wimberley 29 August at Serene Lee shared a post.

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Adam Ass 25 August Spenny Lee 28 August at Desmond Mott shared an event. Go Home Via the Hanes valley. Start at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. Staying in town for the long weekend? You can double your fun on the north shore!

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Remember to register at least two days prior to the event fat get your early registration point. On Saturday, you can "Grind for the Day". Hosted by Frankcom has lots of options for how you can tackle the Grouse Grind.

Well, mostly it's variations on how you want to fit in your beers! Fat can turn around any time, stop at Grouse or go round-trip. Forgotten account?