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Eproctophilia fart fetish fart a sexual fetish, nudechinese girls fucking boys commonly in straight men in which they receive arousal from their partner's flatulence.

It is sometimes seen as a lighter form of girlsaka scat. Unlike scat however, there are no health risks involved. Not all eproctophiles enjoy the notorious cake farts.

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In fact, several of them are just as grossed out as normal people and only a slim minority of them like it. It was revealed in writer James Joyce's love letters to his wife that he had a fart fetish.


Fart Fetish unknown. A male or woman who usually is turned on by the sound, smell, or discharge that comes from a fart. While in the bed room, uauually the ass get fetish attention, in hopes of a fart. Uaually a kid named Joel or Mark. Let me sleep on ur ass tonight honey.

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Girl or Guy: Why Fart A rather bizarre and offputting fetish where women fart on cakes and other foods to obtain sexual gratification by expelling smelly gases upon them.

Mandydo you have a fart fetish? Yes, I do. I like farting on birthday cakes. Does it catch fire? No, it's a rather anal method instead of oral.

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Oh, lovely! A rather bizarre activity in which a very small cabal of goofy disgusting losers with nothing else better to do but watch a woman passing gas over a cake and fetish to it enthusiastically.

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So sick and perverted, that even advice columnist Fart Savage is adamently against it. Girls am into Fart Fetish so much I have just farted on a cake.

Oh, wellit seems like you have a rather strong case of Fart Fetish. I am into Fart Fetishism so much I have just farted on a cake. Oh, wellit seems like you have a rather strong case of Fart Fetishism. Shit-on-a-rug Tappin' the Bottle Swot Girls Stick talk Twaimz Magic Carpet Fetish Trickle truth TDL Lunchbox friend Fluming The Arch Kraft Dinner Boujee