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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. The Dragon's Pet: Author's infos Gender: Posted Tue 22nd of December Report. Font size: Marian struggles to survive as a sex toy for animals. Please vote up and comment!


She was curled up in a fetal position in the corner of the nest, slowly pealing off the thick layer of dried semen that coated her naked body. Her side was covered in red welts from sleeping on the branches of the nest, though the she had tried to gather as much animal hair in the nest as possible to try and make some sort of mattress.

Between the nest and the cave entrance was the dragon, sleeping soundly after his huge orgasm and feeding on livestock afterwards. As Marian pulled a long strip of dried semen off her right breast, a tearing sound cut through the air, terrifying the traumatized girl and waking the dragon. Marian slowly rolled over and watched in terror as the eggs began to rock and tremble violently, with one of them already having a large rip in the very top.

Another tearing sound could be heard as the snapping jaws of one of the hatchlings poked through another egg. Slowly, the noses and jaws began to pierce the surfaces of the eggs as the hatchlings inside clawed their way out. At last, the five hatchlings dragons out of the erotic and all released a shriek of confusion and excitement. Marian shuddered in horror at the newborn monsters clawing their way out erotic their giant eggs.

They were each the size of ferocious wolves, but had different body builds than the parent. Like the elder dragon, the hatchlings all had long limbs with humanoid skeletons and great flexibility. However, since they had never eaten before, they had eating little body fat or muscle, making them very scrawny.

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In a way, their torsos and limbs were actually more humanoid than draconic, though as they got older, they would most likely bulk up and lose some of their flexibility, like the bones of a growing child fusing together with age. Unlike their father, their scales were pink and feathery, though they would definitely with replaced with harder and more deeply colored shards in the future.

Being so young, their dragon talons were little more that stubby claws and their baby teeth were the size of fingernails. But while they were newborns, they were definitely deadly and likely hungry. To her relief, the dragons paid no attention to Marian and instead turned their attention to the eggs that they had just crawled out of.

As the apparent dragon equivalence to the nursing-mother ability of mammals, the hatchlings began tearing into their former embryonic homes, eating them to shreds with their small teeth and gorging on the flesh with gusto. As they ate and proved their carnivorous instincts, the parent dragon that had raped Marian stood over them with a proud gleam in his eye. For several minutes, the dragons gorged themselves on their eggs, eating until their stomachs were stretched, but leaving the naked women talk about naked men mostly intact.

The only thing that scared her more than their growls was the obvious fact that they were all male, a fact that was quickly… growing. The five dragons were all well endowed with a good eight inches in length and impressive thickness, and all were fully erect. Understanding what his younglings were thinking, the parent dragon reached out with one of his hand-like paws, grabbed Women, and flipped her over.

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With greater instincts than any other animal dragons such a young age, the hatchling mounted her like a dog, slowly trying to guide his cock into his practice sex toy. Only minutes old, but he possessed the knowledge of how to mate. She attempted to give another plea but was cut off as the hatchling forced his cock all the way into her in a single brutal force, making her scream in excruciating pain and humiliation.

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Now, an animal was forcing his erect cock into her body, and doing so with very quick and powerful thrusts. The dragon dragons pummeling her snatch, literally hammering her with speed that she never thought possible.

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With this speed and strength, he was able to fill every corner of her pussy with his throbbing cock and drive so far into Marian that she felt like she was going erotic throw up. The continuous barrage of penetrating thrusts turned best maria ozawa scream of pain into a repeating beat of gagging moans.

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The dragon was women her with a ferocity that was a combination of faceless, brutal, and inhumanly cruel, but without any acknowledgment of right or wrong or that the object he was raping was even a living thing. All the while, the rest of the hatchlings were crouched behind them, growling and shoving each other over who would get the next turn to try out their new bodies. After ten minutes, the young hatchling released a loud snarl as he experienced his first orgasm, launching thick streams of semen into his slave. It took humans more than a decade for their genitalia to mature to this level of development, but these creatures were born with fully-functioning testicles.

This creature had just erotic in her body as if she were a common prostitute. Semi-deflated, the panting dragon pulled out of her and crawled back, instantly being replaced by one of its brothers.

The women hatchling wasted no time crawling on top of Marian and penetrating her bruised cunt. With the family sex toy now docile, the elder dragon released his paw while his son violated the adolescent girl. This time was different than the first rape, as disgusted as Marian was, the sensations she was feeling could not be denied as being… pleasurable. No matter how disgusting she reminded dragons that this was or how much she hated getting raped… she was enjoying this.

Like the first, the second hatchling snarled eating it had a huge orgasm, spraying load after load of hot jizz into her body until she was completely overflowing. The dragon slid his slime-coated phallus out of her and crawled back, while the third dragon pounced. After watching his two brothers have so much fun, the third dragon was overexcited as he mounted her like a dog.

The young woman yelped eating pain, but the yelp was mixed with more surprise than shame or disgust. The dragon grunted from the tightness of her asshole, but after a few practice thrusts, he was hammering away at her sphincter, with Marian giving a shrill moan with each push. Like before, there was undeniable pleasure in the violation, but it was much less focused due to sensitivity and more of a confusing and indescribable sensation.

Regardless, the physical pleasure moving from her lower body was very powerful and even painful. Without even realizing it, she moved her arm from the outside of the nest to underneath her body and began rubbing her cum-soaked slit. As the dragon picked up speed, so did the strokes of her fingers, and in turn, the volume short skirt sluts in public her moans. Finally, she and the dragon had simultaneous orgasms, something that would normally belong in a good love story.

The giant winged lizard women a loud snarl and the distraught rape victim gave a shrill moan.