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Ero definition. Ero unknown.

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A derivation of "erotic," an ero individual may burst into paroxysms of giggling for seemingly innocuous comments. Shakespeare was the original ero dramatist when he penned the lines, "Give me your long sword, ho!

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The ero kid in the back row could hardly control himself when the science teacher lectured on the precipi"tits" heights of Mt. Sex ero undercurrent of the AP Lit class burst into uncontrollable howls of laughter when the sex asked "Who's doing Williams?

Eros religion. Eros Sex is the son of Aphrodite.

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Ero is the god of love. Eros unknown. I had to write an essay on eros. Mike is a toal eros.

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Be my eros. He usually does silly little things to make people laugh and will always be himself. Everything about him attracts people and love, ero is essentially the best person alive. Wow, Eros did the sweetest thing for his girl today! I had to do a paper on the god Eros today. Eros is ero hot!

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EROS unknown. Practitioner of the artform for over 25 years.

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