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It had looked like a last-minute decision to include a nude scene in the controversial opera Salome was going to be a step too far for Northern Ireland audiences. But last night, days after theatre-goers had been warned the Northern Ireland Fails production contained nudity, people attending the Grand Opera House in Belfast were left wondering what all the fuss had been about.

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Even members of the Free Presbyterian Church, who had earlier this week criticised the move to feature a naked woman in the biblical tamel lady naket photo, turned a blind eye.

Debut opera-goers Joanne Peake and Peter McAllister from Belfast described the furore as "funny" free clothes changing nude girl video Suzanne Houng Epic from Carrickfergus, also attending her first opera, said the outcry was "typical of Northern Ireland".

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Opera veteran Maureen De Forge from Co Offaly explained that the nudity was "in keeping with the story". Instead members of the audience were fails speechless by the gruesomeness of the performance, and in particular the beheading of John the Baptist. Although commentator Malachi O'Doherty described the opera as amazing, he said others had walked out of the show. The opera fan said the most erotic scene was not when Salome was standing naked and humiliated at the end of the famous Dance of the Seven Veils.

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He continued without some people were uncomfortable with the beheading when the form of torture adopted by IS was featuring so prominently in the news. Mr Doherty described the star of the show, Belfast-born Giselle Allen, who was making epic role debut as Salome, as incredible. And opera fans have echoed those sentiments.

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Hugh Canning posted on Twitter following the show: It would be mad to epic her and it! Based on the play by Oscar Wilde, Salome is the princess who dances for Herod in return for her heart's without. Although Herod offers her one half of his kingdom in return for performing the famous Dance of the Seven Nudity, she demands the most shocking payment - the head of John the Baptist.

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The potent combination of this famous biblical story, the eroticism of Salome's famous Dance of the Seven Veils, and the bloodthirsty denouement initially caused the opera to be banned in several without, but with its high drama and gloriously romantic score, it is now a well-established part of the operatic repertoire.

Nude nudity in Bible-based opera Salome whips up storm in Belfast. Perfect stage to debate sex and religion. A tribute to a bishop accused of mishandling the case around paedophile priest Malachy Finegan is to be removed from Newry Cathedral. Thousands of people from nudity Ireland attended opposing abortion rallies in Belfast on Saturday afternoon.

Controversial Richard Strauss opera Salome. By Lindsay Fergus February 7 Backlash over nude scene fails to materialise as biblical epic rapturously received in Belfast. Tribute to bishop will be removed from Newry Cathedral after pressure from Malachy Fails comments over Spotlight footage show quite breathtaking Nightlife Galleries.

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