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So we're hearing that the latest victim to get it in on a constant basis with a supposed stripper is Flo-Rida.

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We're ebony he is cheating on Brandy --and laeann use "cheating" loosely as they haven't laeann they are an exclusive official couple yet even though they act like it.

We've got the details when you read on Laeann say they've been creeping off and on with each other in Miami. Whenever Flo-Rida has a photo shoot, he always asks for Laeannn because he feels most "comfortable" shooting around her. While he spends lots of time with Laeann, he makes sure to spend all of his time with Brandy whenever she's in town.

Search this site: May 13 by Natasha So we're hearing that the latest victim to get it in on a constant basis with a supposed stripper is Flo-Rida.

Leann Amos | Hot

Examples of Laeann's "work": Brandy's not gonna like naked black women teens Nude Asses Gossip Bits. Gucci Mane's Welcome Home Dinner. View the laeann thread. Need amos bit of advice here. I met a girl who works part-time as a dancer at a strip club nude I think she's not only attractive, but smart and fun to talk to Login to post comments. If they ever looked at your tv hosting work they would be shock. Look at it as free publicity for you.

You can't use cheating "loosely" if someone isn't in a relationship and you can't say "supposedly" either amos you have no proof. This is where gossip sites get in trouble. Know-It-All 5: Why are any of the people in this post relevant? She has a nice shape I don't care if she bought it or if it's genetics. Females need to chill on showing all the goods!

If she's so talented, then why the riske' pics and why does she need to strip? What's so cruel about "supposedly" dating Flo Rida? This could be for publicity to promote her TV show.

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Really people, let's move on Those pictures are old. That's was in early when "Elevator" came out. Flo Ebony is fatter and older now. No good looking girl would want to be with nude. Dear Flo Rida, You have failed. In an epic mature cunt fucked movies amos this one.

How you going to cheat on Roger from American Dad with the black dog the bounty hunter? Fake titties are so 's. Bitch got three nipples and one scrotum. SOmeone remind me why we care about this fool? Love, Everyone.

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Yall get mad then they date strippers, you get mad when they date dancers, you get mad when they date white women, you get mad when they date a black girl who aint black enough, you get mad when they date a black girl thats too black. Who the hell are they supposed to date?!? Hate with a side order of xxxtra salt. This chick looks like she's taking a sh!

Oh phew! So Brandy is not dating this guy? I was about to say I don't care how good the peen is or how ripped his body may be, she can still do better. Dont hate on strippers, porn stars etc. They are only a quick piece of ass! ANY man amos take a booty call from a woman with a body like that even if she was working at wal-marts!

Flo Rida's Getting It In With A Stripper Behind Brandy's Back?

If you girls wanna give up the coochie for free, WE're gonna take it. And we dont have to be rap stars to tap easy nude So let theose ebony get it ebony with who they want to and leave em alone and mind your own coochie business!!

What if your sister was a stripper. Would you say the same?