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You love his wit, his dildos, his personality, his smiling eyes, his clever hands, and talented tongue.

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You even love his penis. But when it comes down to it you just can't feel much when he is inside you.

Do you prefer a large dildo? - Created by SexyySarah on Jul 18, EdenFantasys Forum

Some times you just want something bigger. Many women like it large. At least, occasionally. Smaller penises do have their own merit. Instead, this inner part responds to stretch and pressure, only.

This feeling cannot be satiated unless the pressure or stretch receptors in the vagina are stimulated. The average-sized penis is usually enough to stimulate them.

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There is no magical size that will stimulate these receptors, however, as it all depends on the combination of the size and shape of the individual vagina and penis. Alas, penis pumps can help to get an erection and they may make a penis look bigger, but only temporarily; and surgery only works to increase flaccid length and girls mighty painful like. If monster cock in tight holes are the kind of big that really craves pressure against the cervix, you need something longer.

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