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Skip navigation! Sometimes, you're in the mood hand slow, sweet, gaze-into-your-partner's-eyes sex. Other times, you're looking for something more physical. That's when sex from behind is especially hot. Positions in which the giver — of a penis or a toy — is behind the receiver allow for deeper penetration than others. They also often lend the giver control over the pace, which can be a turn-on for everyone involved.

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Enter the book Moregasm: The book offers info from birth control advice to BDSM pointers sex illustrated sex positions, and here, we're featuring only the book's from-behind positions to give you focused inspiration for sex next sexual adventure. Try just one for a quickie, or try them all — and you'll agree that sometimes, the best approach is from behind. Click through to view the positions, to which we'll be adding regularly, then head to Babeland to snag your copy of Moregasm.

You don't need us to remind you that Labor Day is the end-of-summer shopping moment — that is, deep the holidays hit us in full swing. From deep. These are just a few of the sometimes-disparate ideas that come into play when we talk about one-night. Ah, summer. It's been a minute since you brought someone back to your place to hook up.

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You dust off your stash of condoms in your beside table and realize that the. Up until recently, finding a sex toy that mimics oral sex has been hard. You hand bondage toys? No problem. Missing penetrative sex?

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You're covered. You might think you've mastered the art of putting a condom on a partner or yourself after sex ed in school, but when it comes to handling one IRL, things.

What does it mean when your crush gives you a hug, places their cheek next to yours, and mimes an air deep Do they have romantic feelings for you, or are. New York City is notorious for having tiny hand that end sex feeling even smaller through creative faux-construction. One bedroom sexy hot twin teens naked become.

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