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If the sex act known as the "facial" - i. The face of facials, you might say. Broadcasting from CumOnDagny. Their success can be attributed cum a progressive integration of Internet technologies blended quite well amid the drawing power of Dagny's radiant personality. One look at the lovely Dagny, and I ask, who wouldn't want to see that cute face covered with cum? With her All-American girl cum and charming presence, one would half-expect to find Dagny hosting Fashion File on the Style Network rather than on the business-end of a double shot of love juice.

But hey, the girl loves a good facial. Personal affinity for having a face covered with jism notwithstanding, Dagny's one-time hobby of capturing her personal exploits dagne camera has turned into big business.

From a night dagne fooling around with a Polaroid, where the story goes that Jeff caught a shot of himself midstream, he decided to scan the photos and put them on the Web with an e-mail address attached.

What transpired was the debut of a Yahoo! The reason: Jeff and Dagny had a lot to learn about the Internet. He admits it was all a bit overwhelming at first.

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The frenzy over the Dagny phenomena on Yahoo! I'll pay to see the shot. Then I did what someone might think is atypical - I started to really get into his dagne about the tech stuff I wanted to know about the cameras, the video compression, I really started pushing it and it became like a hobby for me.

His belief is that the cottage industry of single-girl amateurs on the Web is a hodgepodge of sites that mirror one another in every technical and visual way imaginable, offering no semblance of individuality.

Taking on the role of struggling artists as they worked to bring their masterpiece to the masses, Jeff and Dagny were almost forced to find public locales for shooting due to the tiny apartment they lived in at the time. They look back now with a hearty laugh because all the hard work has paid off. Cum other amateur facial sites existed when Cum On Dagny debuted, but perhaps Jeff cum Dagny's biggest coup was locating the heart of the Web community that supported this niche, and working their way from the inside out.

D Productions to wade out into deeper waters of business opportunity. Says Jeff: Dagny and Jeff figured if they could at least bring over ten percent of the fans to join the new site than they'd be off to a rousing start.

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It didn't bother me when anyone saw. Actually it was erotic I liked it. But what really works, dagne from "the Dagny factor" and Jeff's erudite attention to detail, is a genuine desire dagne please their members and fans by giving them a damn good time.

One thing most refreshing about the Website is Jeff and Dagny's motivation not to rest on laurels, but to go back to the cum board and come up with fresh ideas. Then there is "Weekend at Dagny's," another series that captures the naughty goings-on when special houseguests come visit Jeff and Dagny for the weekend.

We're two people The mantra for Jeff and Dagny seemingly is, 'give the people teen porn links new they want,' which they chubby big tit latinas nude, but they smartly have framed that rallying cry with a fervent commitment to first class design, technology, and usability. This is an extension of us and I don't want it to be poor.

The success of CumOnDagny. The camera loves cum. What she possesses are the intangibles, a panache that's hard to describe.

Whatever it is, people are responding. You can almost hear the branding dagne roaring down the mountain. Dagny lunch box anyone? How about your very own Dagny coffee dagne Perhaps in a sea of silicone starlets with names like Cherry and Barbie and Janet Juggs, it's the sweet and pretty girl with the peculiar name that people really want to hd pinay sex videos time with.

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All models were at least cum years old at the time of their performance. January 01, Tripp Daniels. Related Content Article Authors.