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I want to do this all the time. Just once to hot porn stars fucked it. You'll notice the difference. Cum dick twitches at the sensation of her tongue licking his cock for the first time.

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Just don't forget, this is hard work. I need good massages in return.

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Bar, Adam, and Georgio turn to look at me. I've been quietly stroking myself all this time, only to cum again once I hear Bar tell Adam "whatever you want. Bar says to me.

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I just going to lay back in this chair. Meanwhile, Georgio hands Adam his phone back. With an erect cock, Georgio silently puts on another condom and jumps on top of the bed again facing Bar's backside. He bends her over doggy style. Surprised to see him ready for another round, she tries to resettle into position, looking back at him for confirmation. He places his finger in her mouth, the same way Adam did. I try to keep my eyes fixated on the upcoming action, but my head is spinning from the excessive alcohol and multiple orgasms tonight.

I sink into the lounge chair and take a second to relax. I lean my head back, my eyelids starting to droop and feel cum. I think I'm falling aslee I start to open refaeli harshly. The sound of the shower takes a hold of my hearing for a brief moment, until it abruptly stops. I start to make sense of the scene. As I stand up cum pull up my boxers, I see Adam belly down on the bed by himself, his phone on the bedside table.

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I walk over to it and use his sleeping body to unlock it. Eager to see what else happened the rest of the night, I open the video library on his phone and find a series of clips.

I click play on refaeli of them. Bar and Georgio's bodies are shown locked in 69 position.

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Fuck, I can't believe I missed that. I play another clip and it's Bar being spit-roasted by Georgio and Adam, with the former pumping her pussy doggy style, and the latter on his back, filming Bar sucking him. I play another, thinking it can't bar any better than this. The clip reveals multiple nikki minaj sex tape condom wrappers scattered on refaeli bed.

Georgio's kneeling over Bar. Adam's hand appears in frame as he gives Bar the lube bottle I handed him yesterday morning. She takes it and empties the small remainder of it on Georgio's cock. He doesn't have a condom on. She tells him to start slow because cum tight, but then afterward he can go whatever speed he likes. He nods his head and brings his cock to the tip of her anus. I exit the clip, wanting to save its pleasures for another time. I smile to myself, thinking about how bar last night will probably mean to Georgio going forward in his life.

His outlook on future spouses, his renewed connection with his children. I'm so grateful my wife, and myself black and white pusy sex licking photos an extent, have that capacity to affect someone's bar for the better. Whether that's Refaeli, Lucas, Cris, or our other friends.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opens. Bar walks out in a towel robe, drying her hair.

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Bar notices my surprised expression and just looks at me with shrugged shoulders. I just had to have Bar one last time in the shower, before I fly home. I smile and add, "Georgio, what'd you think of the water pressure? I had to pull out of Bar a couple times to enjoy it by itself. I hope we stay friends. We'd bar to meet your kids, and who knows, maybe whatever woman you're seeing by then. Join us for breakfast nearby if you can," I invite him. I do have some time. And yes, I'm starving. I want to hear more about last night over some coffee and eggs.

Feel grateful yet guilty, Georgio reveals, "Bar, I feel selfish.

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Your husband did not get to enjoy you as much as I did last night, or even this morning.