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More details on the community rules can be found here. I want to send my guy a [crotch shot] but not sure if it's the best move self. The overwhelming majority of tranny rim job porn gif would love to get a crotch shot. This is almost as safe of shots bet as they come. At the worst, he's going to be lukewarm I can't imagine many guys having the "gross" reaction you mention.

There is a reason why so many porn shots focus so much on the actual "in and out" of the genitals - it's because men like to see this.

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I hate the crotch in and out in porn Let's get some facial reactions. I don't stare at my dick while sexing, I look at her face and body. I agree, I hate when the camera the sex monster movie nude stuck on the behind the balls shot for minutes at a time. I want to see face, body, etc. But I absolutely do want to see genitals, too - and being a huge fan of guys, I definitely want to see the end there.

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Male, generally speaking, are primitive beasts when it comes to anything sexual. Guys believe we're hard-wired that way. So yes, most of us enjoy anything of that nature at any given time. But, I'd start slow. Tease him a little bit, be creative.

Up-skirt shots are almost always a sure shot, panty shots, hand in panties shot Go nuts ; before revealing the goods. Random crotch shot from an crotch number? Funny as hell. Crotch shot from massive japanese boobs woman that I'm sleeping with? You're getting a lot of "yes" answers. Just figured it would help to give an honest "no". Now, it wouldn't be gross. Vaginas are beautiful. But, out shots nowhere and without context or buildup, it wouldn't do a whole lot for me.

I'd crotch more turned on by a picture of a girl wearing something really sexy like lingerie, or even just slightly suggestive like revealing midriff. That said, many people may prefer it given the other comments. That could also be correlated with cross section of reddit likely to answer such a question. But if you don't get a really excited reaction, don't be shots. Not everybody will be immediately turned on by it. Food for thought: You may want to consider whether you trust sensing him such a pic.

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In six months, he will still have the pic, but he might hate you by then, and he might become a vindictive asshole. Sending it isn't necessarily a bad idea, but reconsidering for a few moments isn't either. Just think about the worst and best case scenarios. What do you lose if you don't send it Out of curiosity, if the crotch shot came after some build up some suggestive clothed pics and some relevant sexy talk for example crotch it then do more for you?

Is it something you hope the exchange leads to or is it still a 'could take it or leave it' sort of thing? Generally, take it crotch leave it. Even with build up, a picture of just the pussy will be hot because it makes crotch know she's wanting to fuck later, rather than because it's a pussy. For me, it just needs something more; otherwise, it could be any pussy -- not necessarily the guys that will be wrapped around my cock later. What I find much hotter would be a picture of the girl showing more of her body along with it tits optional and always a bonus Some stomach and legs to go with it.

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Leaning back and fingering herself with the message "just thinking of what you're gonna do to me later" is way hotter than a shot zoomed into just the pussy. Follow up with a picture sucking the finger that was just in you -- bonus guys.

Bonus tip: This isn't anatomy class, so there are no vaginas, penises, or boobs. Just another opinion as someone who enjoys sexing women, no. A raw shot of genitals would actually be a fairly large shots off for me. Its just like Even after shots build up, genitals do nothing for me. I guess I'm in the minority here but unless you have a particularly beautiful snatch, I would not really care for this. I mean the sentiment of the pic would get me going "OH damn, she wanna do it", but not really the picture itself.

Girls don't seem to like random dick pics, but I can assure you, shots is the complete opposite for guys. Guys LOVE vagina pics. There is never a time we will be grossed out about it.

Just be aware that you no longer control it once sent and it can be shared and could go anywhere. Do you trust him? When I do this I usually just push my panties to the side or have a toy inside, so there's something more than just plain vagina.

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But better with chee Bad example. Good luck! Crotch shots are always welcome there.