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Reba's kitchen garbage disposal cheyenne having issues again and Girl eating pussy while guy fucks refuses to call Brock to fix it like he used to do when he still lived at home. She tries to fix the disposal herself, but only makes it worse. Giving in, she calls a handyman named Bill, who takes a look under her sink and finds all the of the "patches" that Brock has made over the years.

Reba and Bill flirt which makes Brock jealous.

Cheyenne from reba nude

When Bill offers to take Reba to a hardware store to pick out a new kitchen faucet, Reba can't believe that Bill would be hitting on her. Cheyenne is excited to be going out with the girls.

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While driving to a Wildcats football game, they moon the players on the bus. Cheyenne reba a great time but Van is upset that everyone is seeing his wife's butt. Kyra tries to tell Reba that her outing with Bill to the hardware store is a date, but Reba won't believe it.

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She goes out with Bill and they have a great time picking reba a faucet. Van tries to fix the Internet problem by telling everyone that if they vote for Cheyenne as "Best Butt," then he'll kick their butts. Cheyenne gets upset when no one votes for her because she knows that her butt won't be so cute anymore the further along her pregnancy she nude. When they get back to the house, Bill tries to kiss Reba, but she stops him, telling him that her divorce isn't final yet and she isn't ready, but she hopes he's still around when she is.

Nude then tells Cheyenne an embarrassing story about nude sunbathing in high school and Cheyenne starts to feel better. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The Cheyenne And The Moon is the sixth episode of season one. It aired on November 9, Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save.