California girls so hot

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Date Posted: Mar 5, 1. PirateElephantMar 5, Mar 5, 2. Mar 5, 3. PirateElephant likes this. Mar 5, 4. Girls are the best looking. Mar 5, 5. Mar 5, 6. It's true. They really should just put it into textbooks already. TealFerinesMar 5, Memai and schizogony Mar justin whalin nude naked, 7.

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Mar 5, 8. Ohio sucks. Mar 5, 9. Mar 5, New York and Dallas are pretty hot as well. BlackKidMar 5, Pollux-Castor likes this. ASuch likes this. TheDevil21Mar 5, I've never left California so i'm not sure how to compare our women, but they are pretty hot. CalamityX1Mar 5, Yes and no, every girls is hott in there own way.

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Something about southern girls that gets my dick rock hard. ChefawkesMar 5, From all the places I've been, I'd agree. Miami's not california either. New York has a different type of hot.

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More 'classy' hot up there. TheStageNamesMar 5, Last edited: NintendoNickMar 5, Last edited by NintendoNickMar 5, When i went to california i was getting complemented a hot on my shirts and how good my style was. I thought this was weird since i thought california was supposed to have the best style and stores.

But ya i love hotties. Didnt see THAT many when i was there but i went sun-tuesday than drove to vegas afterwards hot saw way more hot chicks there.

Julesasner-DTMar 5, Lightsout32Mar 5, New York But they often have a sucky accent. Pollux-CastorMar 5, NBAmanMar 5, BayMar 5, Naturally, since hot people migrate there themselves to fulfill their dreams of being in a second commercial. XSShadowMar 5, DamImRiteMar 5, My girlfriend was born in california so California agree. ForgottenDuskMar 5, TheDevil21 likes this. Agreed but it's exaggerated. I married a girl in California Either way I agree. ButscczmonsterMar 5, Cali girls are just compliant with "the look". They do their hair, wear the right clothes and shoes.

None of these things make a girl more beautiful in my opinion. Girls just do what people expect girls to do.