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Squirting is just incredibly cool, there's no two ways about it. There's long been a debate about whether it actually can happen it can, duh and whether the liquid that's expelled is pee it's not, duh again.

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Some women and people with vaginas who woman during sex might feel embarrassed about it, but they shouldn't because it's totally normal. So here's 8 guys to explain why it majorly turns them on when women squirt. Don't see that as pressure to get squirting - not every body is capable so don't stress.

My GF squirts almost every time she cums and she says it gives her a much more intense orgasm. It is also very satisfying for me to be able to boy her like that and I enjoy the feeling of it when she squirts on my while she is riding me. I have never understood why this bothers some men. It irritates me to hear about guys who think it's gross. Why woman just go ahead and close your eyes, wrap yourself up boy a dry, sterilised bubble, and stick your dick into a self-cleaning fleshlight?

If sex isn't messy, you're not doing it right. I never liked it in pornos but sweet fucking christ almighty, when a chick actually comes on you it is the biggest turn on. It just confirms that you got her off, and the ones I have made squirt always convulse lots during the act which is also a turn on.

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She referred to it as the 'incident' and she was kinda embarrassed about it, squirting I just thought squirting was hot! This Sunday we finally got the chance to be alone, and it was amazing. We did it for two hours. We tried a lot of new things and did our teenies xxx skinny blowjob real dirty talk.

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It turned us both on tremendously. She ended up squirting for the first time while I was going boy on her. It was incredibly hot.

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Relationship was kind of new, and we were discussing different sexual stuff. I was telling her about how I thought squirting was odd to me and that I thought it was piss and not We then had sex and she squirted not 10 minutes later. I was weird about it before, then it happened and it was kinda awesome. It's also NOT woman Type keyword s to search.

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