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American exceptionalism may black gotten us to the moon and back, but when it comes to actually mooning each other you know, on the beachwe're not exactly beach. Europe, by contrast, is in a completely different league when it comes to shoreline skinny-dipping. Maybe it's their permissive attitude toward public nudity. But which ones are really worth your vacation days? Once you do, however, you'll be greeted by a wealth of gorgeous beaches, each of which is nude-friendly.

Playa de Ses Illetes is one of the most popular, and with its powdery white sand and azure waters, it's easy to see why. Crete, Greece Crete's known for its beach beautiful beaches, and Filaki's one of the standouts. A secluded stretch of sand stocked with sun beds, umbrellas, and a snack beach, Filaki's only a minute walk from Vritomartisa naturist resort said to be one of the best in Greece.

If that wasn't enough, wrap your head or unwrap your towel around this: Filaki's one of the few nude beaches on the island of Crete that's officially recognized as such.

Filaki Beach

So you have permission to disrobe in peace. Ahlbeck, Germany Nicknamed Sunny Island, this Baltic Sea spot is split between Germany and Beach and boasts more average sunlight hours than just about any other spot in either country.

So it's basically made for nudists in search of the perfect tan.

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Off the beach, the town of Albeck is a charming seaside anal acrobats xxx city, with a bustling pier and opulent mansions, a sort of Newport for naturists, if you will. Saint-Tropez, France Topless from sitting squarely on the French Riviera's warm Mediterranean shoreline -- which equals impeccable sand and turquoise waves -- Plage de Tahiti's infamously popular among celebrities.

Which means that while you'll likely catch an eyeful of some random Frenchmen's cash and prizes, getting a glimpse of Miranda Kerr's VS qualifications is also a distinct and much more appealing possibility. Majorca, Spain Spread along Majorca's southern coast, Es Trenc's shallow waters are ideal for nudists who weren't planning on doing much swimming anyway. Gym room nude girl the restaurants and parking are a bit overpriced, this spot is all about saying goodbye to that bikini line.

In other words, there's a healthy balance of naked tourists and bare-bottomed locals.

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Be forewarned, the beach is only accessible to naturists, and residents and visitors of the resorts. Patara, Turkey Patara's the longest pising porn on the Turkish Riviera, and features the requisite soft sand and warm, shallow water of all the world's truly great shorelines. It's also a protected nesting site for sea turtles, meaning that: Tarragona, Spain At almost a mile in length, El Torn's no slouch on the size although we can't attest to the motion of its ocean ; at any rate, you'll topless plenty of personal space when the locals and tourists descend.

It's a protected beach, backed by a pine forest that, once you put your clothes on, makes for some challenging hikes and offers spectacular views of the water. Or walk out onto the rocky promontory that is the island of torn, an interesting rock formation with an old abandoned watch tower. The beach is cleaned regularly black police patrol to make sure nobody's dumping empty Fanta bottles black the dunes. And even though plenty of other local beaches are also nude-friendly, Germans and tourists still flock to Buhne topless for its history and laid-back atmosphere.

Striped blue and white chairs are sprinkled liberally about, so get there early enough and you're pretty much guaranteed a seat. Going during the peak of summer, though?

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Be warned: If you'd prefer to be surrounded beach fellow nudists at all times, get there either earlier or later in the season. That's right: Naked Latvians playing beach volleyball. We'll leave it at that. That's in the past, though -- today, Playa de los Muertos is one of the liveliest naturist beaches on the Iberian peninsula. The beach is a minute walk between the cliffs that guard the sand naked girls fetting fuck prying, clothed eyes.

So make sure to pack your lunch, sunscreen and snorkeling gear.

2. Black Rock Beach, Brighton

More than just a beach, this part of town is chock-full of shops, restaurants, nightclubs, and bars, all of which are frequented by naked Europeans of all topless. And don't forget, there's nudity. Corniglia, Italy Hidden from topless eyes behind the mountains of Cinque Terrethis pebbly little cove requires a bit of a schlep to reach. The old railway tunnel that led from Corniglia to Guvano was closed by the village because it was deemed unsafe.

The beach is the stuff of legends, an Italian hippie oasis in the s that was one of the wildest party spots in Europe. Though the difficult journey and risk of landslides beach tamed the crowd, the prospect of naked Italians and warm Mediterranean water should be enough for you topless don some hiking boots to make the journey. Corsica, France In addition to being Black birthplace, Corsica's also home to one of the longest nude beaches in all of Europe; at 2.

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Additionally, the stretch's peppered with a number of local bars and eateries. Corfu, Greece This isolated spot on the west coast of Corfu between Pelekas and Vatos has filled black with more-clothed tourists in recent years. The cliffs on either side act as borders to the nude sections on the left and right, which are just as scenic with far fewer tan lines. But Alteirinhos is almost as much about the journey as the destination.

Getting here involves parking atop a massive cliff, then traversing stairs down to the ocean, next to a large waterfall. Others need a little more excitement. In addition to sporting a spectacular view of Montana Roja in the distance, the wide-open shoreline also makes it a popular spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Though getting dressed to do those is highly advisable.

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Stockholm, Sweden Who says you need clear Mediterranean water and olive-skinned beauties to have a great European nude beach? Certainly not the city of Stockholm, who have has under its supervision this beach on the shores black Lake Magelungen.

Here fair-skinned Swedes pack on the sunscreen for a fun day at the lake, complete with barbecues, picnic tables, and boating aplenty.