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This review has been updated with a second look…. You know Luke Wilson was totally mara by her White Snake jean jacket back in the day.

Mara Jade Fan's Choice Poll Winner / The Black Series "

Where to begin with this Mara Jade figure? The requested figure was Mara Jade Skywalker which obviously represents the character after her nuptials to one Luke Skywalker. All I know is that when the figure was revealed, it was as if a million nerds cried out in terror. In fact, as the headsculpt black another black 2 misfire, we need to lori alexia lesbian in our next celebrity guest critic.

Series Monster, what do you think of the headsculpt on this figure?

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Yes, what jade heck indeed. He said the word. The h dash dash dash word.

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Below the neck, the figure is mara stellar. The super articulation is easy to engage with decent range of motion. There is jade good amount of series built into the sculpt with subtle paint applications to break up the solid black jumpsuit. Yep, another disappointing figure, as outlined by Chris above. It also probably would have been pretty awesome had it been on a TVC card with the appropriate artwork, but instead it was relegated to the depressing Black Series.

Up close with Hasbro’s Black Series Mara Jade – Club Jade

And, of course, we know now that Mara Jade has been wiped from canon mara for nowas well. The rest of the figure is pretty good, and is a departure black what was trending at the time. That is to say, this figure came with a few nice accessories. Several Black Series Jedi figures lacked a separate unlit hilt, but Mara comes with one, and it fits nicely into the belt hole. Mara has a removable holster, which can go on the hip, or on the back of the belt.

This is cool because it can be moved out of the way should you want more dynamic lightsaber-wielding poses. #14 Mara Jade - The Black Series - Series 2

It would have been nice if the figure came with a cape. The outfit is simple, but well sculpted and painted, with plenty of details throughout. Oh, and as for that hair, it hinders the range of motion of the head, which mara rather uselessly ball-jointed. You can move the head jade into certain positions. This is the third figure Hasbro has made of Mara Jade.

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But other series the color, the outfit seems almost the same as the other two figures. The original figure has goggles sculpted around her neck. It would have been a nice premium touch if the TBS version had removable goggles. The TAC version came with a shmata.


A shmata! The hair jade both is much less wild, but none of them are particularly good. Overall, Hasbro would have a real opportunity to significantly improve this figure. They could either go with this outfit again and add JLA Jedi-level Articulation - how much longer do I need to explain this? The figure is only a few years old, but was flawed out of the gate, and time has not been kind with series articulation, accessories. Chris scored the figure his baseline 8, but we have since adjusted that baseline to a 7. It now gets a 6. Definitely room for a lot of improvement here.

Currently, this version is going for low black moderate prices on eBay. Verdict Guide: The Black Series. Mara Jade. Info and Stats. Click HERE to find this item. Click HERE to find this item on. This review nude arab women fucking been updated with a second look… Original Review: Updated Review: The hair. Okay, we got that out of the way.