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A woman is heartsick after her marriage over a decade has hit a serious rough patch. The woman and her husband have been married for 12 years, have two kids, a house, and, for the most part, are happy with one another. We had an open marriage, used toys on each other, watched gay porn, and talked a lot about his fantasies.

Then one day in a moment anal sex postions pictures weakness he told her that if he had come from a more accepting family, he probably would have identified as gay instead of bi. Sexually, he has made me feel like Bisexual will always be second best. What advice would you give this woman? Share your pearls of wisdom in the comments section below…. Humiliation from the article: The guy is gay.

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My advice? Move on. A gay guy can love a woman and to some people a gay guy can have attractions and sexual enjoyment towards women. Either way you look at it, it appears as if he lied about too much of himself to his wife.

None of this equates to kosher marriage. The day he had a weakness to humiliation the truth to his wife, was the day he got out of a horrible self imposed jail sentence.

Time to separate, or, become bestie girlfriends and go cruise the mall together. No fighting over guys now children. She needs to end it. He is setting her up to be the villain in all of this. By coming clean about his identity but then insisting that he wants to keep the marriage and relationship going while being repulsed by her touch she bisexual eventually reach her breaking point and say she wants a divorce at which point he will call her a home wrecker or whatever.

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When you enter into a marriage it is your responsibility to bisexual if your spouse is gay, humiliation, or bi. If there any questions, then the marriage should NOT occur until you have the answers. Also, after 12 years of marriage you should know if hubby likes to take dick in the ass nobody is that good an actor. From the outside looking in it seems you did not want to know.

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Finally the wife deserves better than a pathological, selfish, liar. If he stopped having homosexual orgies when she married him, bisexual has no right to fret.

She should understand that homosexual orgies are a rite of passage for all men. Stop being homophobic, ladies. Please log in to add your comment Need an account? Search for: Humiliation Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of life advice bisexual stories and more.

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ModeI For what? HarryB contact a lawyer and begin preparing for a legal separation or divorce — it seem to me to be the only right decision. Josh Yup. Humiliation Meoff Bisexual needs to end it. His sexuality is nobodies fault but how he is handling this is very cowardly and unfair. Pete le meat If he stopped having homosexual orgies when she married him, she has no right to fret.

Greg They are? Kenover This marriage cannot be saved. QueerTruth Who cares? Add your Comment Cancel reply Please log in to add your comment Need an account? Latest on Queerty. Today at