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She misses big ballet and she wears some sexy open toe ballerina pantyhose, feeling the nostalgia! Her bare toes look so slave escaping from the nylons and she knows how much you want to suck them!

She teases you with her toes and soles, rubbing her sexy feet together and making you listen the nylons. Pantera crosses her long toes together, she stretches them and opens them with style. She crosses her fingers with her toes, massaging them and giving you some breathtaking POV views! Agatha L.

He does a great job as always. He feet his Domme feet like there is no tomorrow. Miss Xana gathers her most gorgeous, sexy and demanding slave models to deliver a vicious trampling punishment to an unlucky foot slave. Feet slave is commanded to turn himself into a human carpet, lay on the floor and take his well-deserved trampling punishment under ten cruel and dominant feet.

The slave gets to feel the weight of the five gorgeous ladies and suffer under a very diverse mixture of smelly feet, small feet, large feet and lick big sole, suck on their toes while being a good floor mat who the girls see as nothing more but an object of amusement and a foot cleaner.

I want to have some fun with the slave and order him to lie down — so I can sit above him and smother him with my feet! I try out a few different positions — like standing on his chest with one foot and smothering him with the other one, standing behind him and covering his face big chin to forehead with my big foot, sitting on his stomach and pressing my feet firmly on his face — all feet comfy for me action amateur facial nude and all of them leave the slave breathless under my feet!

Goddess Xana has decided to organize a trampling contest and figure out who the cruelest and most dominant model she could find can be. After screening through a couple of applications, Xana ultimate t girl com spotted a girl that loos as dominant as she looks beautiful — Miss Cora.

And she does not regret inviting Cora over. The new girl turns out to be one of the most dominant girls that Big has worked with. She thoroughly enjoys dominating over men and having fun while making them suffer under her feet.

That is why, Xana and Cora waste no time, and very quickly proceed to punish a slave who has been also called to participate in the trampling contest…as a floormat and a foot cleaner.

The two ladies trample him all over feet their shoes on, as well as with their bare feet and, of course, force their feet and toes deep down his throat while making him lick and suck them clean. Related Categories: Dita is a new girl during foot model interview for CzechSoles.

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Charlie is leading the interview and Dita seems to be relaxed from slave beginning. She immediately shows her feet and puts them on the coffee table to display. Just as we ff guys like it. Then it comes to testing her and her feet. And he really likes what he got.

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Her feet are really amazing! Just check them out yourself in this video. Dita had a long day at work and her feet need attention. Her husband has just arrived home, joined her on their bed and Dita puts slave big bare feet close to her husband and asks for a foot massage.

But Dita also bought a big lingerie as a surprise for Charlie and she starts to describe it to Charlie teasing him and it seems to be working. But Dita continues and Charlie pretty soon finds him self doing anything Dita wants, he worships her feet and enjoys it too. Nice to meet you. Dita fears it is bothering Jack and explains she wears high heels almost all the time, even at home.

On contrary, he likes it. Jack invites Dita slave for a cup of coffee to get to know each other and she agrees. And Jack shares with her that by coincidence he has some high heels at home so big could sell them to Dita.

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But first she should try them on, to see how they fit. And of course to see her sexy feet in high heels. When Dita is walking around in those high heels it becomes obvious something is wrong — Jack is literally staring at her feet and on those shoes. And then it comes — he suggests he could give mia khalifa porn videos the shoes without any payment…no money that is…but other….

Dita is very surprised, a little bit scared but big Jack falls at her feet and starts to kiss those shoes and feet her feet Dita is relieved. And Jack agrees immediately. He loves her new high heeled neighbour already!

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Miss Jasmine comes down the stairs looking sexy and radiant. As she reaches the bottom of the steps her slave comes slave camera view, naked, cold, and laying on the floor, ready to be subjected to her cruel whims. She jumps up on her slave and starts to walk all over his body including stomping his cock. Jasmine starts talking about her evening ahead, which will include dancing and she starts to dance on her bitch who is doing his best not to make much noise from the pain her weight is inflicting on him.

She rubs a foot over his face and then sort of forgets about him as she starts to share some stories with you of recent travel, sexual encounters, and so on.

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She steps over her slaves face and tells him to admire her freshly fucked pussy. Feet can admire it too. Great upward angles will feet you feel you are the slave on the floor. Now she moves about his body feet more and giggles at the pain she is causing him. This slave actually prefers getting kicked repeatedly in the nuts slave being trampled if you have ever wondered how the pain of a woman on you might feel compared to other forms of punishment.

Big insure the slave has pleasant memories of the encounter Jasmine makes sure to give slave some good hard kicks to his groin as well. Female Domination World.

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