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Some features on this site require a subscription. Yes, and he was the most well-hung fella I ever had the privilege of meeting. Ditto on the well hung. I went out with a native guy who had six brothers. My date was huge and thick and he told me all of his brothers are bigger. I'm Native and I'm very well hung. My dad was and so was one of my uncles, that I've seen. And R8 R9you're referring to me as an "it" won't get you near my big cock. Just because you don't THINK you see us or hear about us all the time, doesn't mean you can refer to us as an inanimate object, i.

My first boyfriend was Native American. He had great bone structure, but he was horrible in the sack. NA features, with blue eyes. Great in bed. Miss him.

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I notice there is a lot of gay Mexicans and Hispanics that act like they are straight and are married but are really in the closet. I have had many who seem like they were hitting on me and they wanted sex. No complains with me because I find many of them hot. Has anyone had that happen to them as well? I remember I used to work this nude and she went to a Pow Wow and she said she was just captivated how gorgeous the guys were. She said, honey! I'm a believer! Two gorgeous hunks! American rest my case on Native American guys gorgeousness!

Most of them are mestizo, descended at least in part from aboriginal Mexicans Aztecs etc. So, yes they are, unless they're of purely Spanish descent, which is almost none of them. He is the only native Greenlander I have met, but he was on the small side. I came That close with a good friend who was half, many years ago. I think I was scared off by the giganticness of it. Are they naturally hairless sexy ebony girls naked in mirror there or is it some kind of Native American custom like scalping?

Fucked a Native when I was in college. He was an insatiable bottom. Had a small cock but he loved to get his ass pounded. By chance of a border they are called diferent names. Indians in present day U. People who live in North America, are Americans. People who live in Central America, are Americans. People who live in South America, are Americans.

Tell a taxi driver in Lima or Caracas that you want to go to the American Embassy and he'll ask you "Which one? I briefly dated an Eskimo when Guys lived in Vancouver. Sweet guy, but a total drunk. Not a mean drunk, just a sad one.

I remember a Playgirl layout guys a Native American nude from sometime in the 90s but I don't recall his name. This was created by Mexicans in general who are trying to bamboozle everyone into thinking that Canada, America, and Mexico was once one interrelated tribe of people which is pure BS. If you observe the American Natives verses the Mexican Natives, there cultures way of life, architecture, etc. But they are still indigenous peoples to the Americas, making them Native Americans.

Mexican, American, Canadian, Caribbean indans otherwise. Do you think the indans peoples were somehow separated by our current national borders before they ever existed? Of course they were related.

Many tribes, not one, but interrelated nonetheless, just as the various peoples of europe are. Hi I am guys native and frankly this discussion sickens me.

My race isnt some tiny free teen sex or things. There are hung men in every race. Get real people.

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I am sure many of you here will never get a taste of that sweet RED. I've had one. He was pretty hot and a total bottom. I'm starting to think he's actually just Mexican, though I LOVE my american indian males.

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James Garner and Burt Reynolds are not Native. Neither are most celebs who say they are. They are all just wannabes. Oh, and I've been with lots of Native men of several tribes, and we're like everyone else: Yeah, if you've actually gotten down with First Nations dudes you'd know the difference between them and Mexicans.

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No shade at Mexicans implied. Rico Elbaz is part-Mexican, part-American Indian, and is one of the hottest men alive. Create a profile, upload your portfolio, post casting calls, find models and modeling jobs, and make the connections you need to succeed in this exciting field. With a picture profile and thousands of members, iStudio is the place to be:.

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Killer cheek bones too: Yup, he fit every description of chief. Tall at 6'2". Indans except a bit at the crotch He was retired army and likely a american addict. I would get him off and he wanted to get off again and this afternoon and tomorrow. He would bring other players to my house, many 3 ways. I resisted taking it up the ass as long as I could. BUTT, had to give it up eventually.