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Try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page. Binaries old man and his hobby: Share this link: Article Comments close. It's good for old folks to have a hobby.

Also, The Alt Detective. Nun on the Run. A shame a b00bies link has been wasted on such an intresting article Yeah, sorry about those bandwidth costs, guy, but I just grabbed about pages before I realized how much time I was wasting I would have never guessed that the Fake Detective was an old guy fake his 60's. My bad.

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Well, the first click is SFW, but the "case files" aren't. In his spare time he likes going to the mall and telling kids that it's not really Santa Claus in the fake.

But does he debunk celebrities Santa nudes? Lake's alt for the facts turned him on to another hobby as well, researching every nuance alt the anthrax investigation that was spawned after the deadly mail attacks in the weeks after the Sept.

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Lake's efforts have earned a lot of attention from law enforcement, the news media, and the curious. And yet we appreciate him for his work with porn. Silly, celebrities it. Lake saw the photo on an Internet message board, where "people were arguing: It was all based on opinion," he says. A porn decective? How in the hell do I get this job? And Bush gets a Hero tag for nude logging in protected forests?

WTF is binaries with you people? Pics please. Next fake Is Dick Gephardt really this well-hung? Yeah, where the hell celebrities the pics.

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I can't believe CNN hasn't created a story about that Gephardt photo yet. He's doing the world a favor - one that just happens to involve him looking at lots of naked pictures. Geeze, the guy goes by the name "Dick" and everybody is surprised when the photo comes out. It's not fake he wasn't giving out a big hint I was looking at the site, and was amazed at the number of fakes of celebs that had been altered to just show a little nipple showing. I'm not sure I want to click on a boobies link that has 60 year old man in the title You mean those pics are fake!?!

Not my Alyson Hannigan collection! Perhaps they might find fake answer.

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There was an article about this in a wired a few months back. I thought it was a pretty interesting passtime.

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So, is this one fake??? NSFW Please say it isn't so. The pictures of Cat were real. She admitted alt it on her blog. The same, friggin' article The absolute best nude from his site are the ones binaries they had to coverup or airbrush over nipples for the puritanical American consumption Land of the free, yea right.

Nude should post the photos shower naked lohan that are real as well. Priest emerging from movie theatre: I'd celebrities watch it one more time, just to make sure. Finally, somebody is thinking of the poor, victimized celebrities.

Personally I like a good fake. Especially one that is obviously fake but is done with such technical finesse that it looks like it could be real. Arthur Figgis. This one's starting to sag under the mighty weight of Fark. I give it another ten minutes until total collap-suh. Is it just me or did some of those fake binaries really need debunking? No duh they are fake. Why bother? Thats pretty lame. Because tabloids will pay BIG money for stuff like that, real or not So even if you don't get to Ed's website, just know there's a sweet old guy out there downloading porn for good, not evil.

Hey, I spend a fair amount of time perusing the newsgroups, and The Fake Detective is one of my heroes. Cool guy, does his research, and advocates logic. Here's a brew to you, Fake Detective. Post your Alyson Hannigan archive, and we'll let you know if they're fake Well, this guy's sure going to be paying through the nose this month.

I'm afraid I can't control myself, nor will the other thousands of Farkers. Google for this guy reveals an alt link to his amateur anthrax investigation website.

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Celebrities features lots of minutiae and cool theories that probably lead nowhere. Should be wasted with SFW articles? Eh, why not? How about a hero tag? Nude guy doesn't just investigate pr0n, he was involved in the Postal Anthrax investigations on a freelance basis. All around cool dude. Thanks though. This thread is archived, and closed to new comments. If you like these links, you'll love Come check out what's behind the curtain. Advertise on Fark.

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Apparently when kluged they look like a car squatting over an Asian toilet jalopnik.